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Staff Profile: David Lalloo

David Lalloo

David Lalloo MB BS MD FRCP FFTM RCPS(Glasg)

Appointment: Professor of Tropical Medicine; Dean of Clinical Sciences and International Public Health; Director Wellcome Trust Tropical Centre
Areas of interest: Clinical trials in resource poor settings. Travel medicine.

Having undergone initial training in Newcastle upon Tyne, David Lalloo trained in General (Internal) Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, spending three years in Papua New Guinea. He undertook clinical and laboratory research in Oxford before moving as Senior Lecturer to the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in 1999. Since then he has focused on clinical trials in the tropics, particularly in HIV related infections, malaria and envenoming. He currently has collaborations and studies in a number of countries including Uganda, Malawi, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. He holds an appointment as Honorary Consultant at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and is Clinical Director of the Tropical Medicine Directorate

Lectures and small group teaching on the Liverpool DTM and H. Lectures to many other groups nationally.

Clinical trials in resource poor settings. Particular interest in HIV and opportunistic infections. Recently completed a large MRC funded trial on primary prophylaxis against cryptococcal disease in Uganda and studies on meningitis in Malawi. Currently running studies of safety of repeated dosing of artemisinin combination therapy in children. ( Clinical trials in envenoming are ongoing in Sri Lanka: recently completed a large study assessing prophylaxis against antivenom reactions and commencing a national epidemiological study

Currently supervise 11 PhD or MD students

Director:  Wellcome Trust Liverpool Tropical Centre and Wellcome Trust Clinical PhD programme

Current projects and grants

Major Research grants
DfID: £665,804 (2003-2006). Lapdap studies (joint with University of Liverpool)

Medical Research Council: £1,589,000 (2003-2008). Trial of fluconazole prophylaxis against cryptococcal meningitis in HIV infected Ugandans

Meningitis Research Foundation: £90,390 (2006-2008). Randomised trial of glycerol adjuvant therapy in adult bacterial meningitis in Malawi

Wellcome Trust: £438,229 (2007-2009). Pharmacology of Nevirapine in Malawian Patients: (Joint with UoL)

DfiD: £3,750,000 (2006-2010). Addressing the balance of the burden of AIDS: (joint with D Haran, A Medina Lara, S Theobald)

Gates Foundation: £1,695,381 (2008-2011). Programmatic implementation of ACTs in Malawi (joint PI with Dr Terlouw):

EDCTP £168,597 (2008-2011) Strengthening of long term clinical and laboratory research capacity in Uganda and Malawi to prepare for HIV vaccine trials

Wellcome Trust: £462,535 (2009-2012).  Wellcome Centre for Research in Clinical Tropical Medicine (joint with Profs Heyderman and UoL)

Gates Foundation: £600,516 (2009-2012) Pharmacovigilance of ACT (joint PI with UoL)

Wellcome Trust £360,600 (2010-2012) Surveillance for influenza in the context of pandemic H1N1 in an African population with a high burden of HIV, Malaria and Malnutrition (Co-applicant)

MRC £2,619,486 (2011-2016) A phase III randomised controlled trial of oral fluconazole plus flucytosine versus amphotericin B-based therapy for cyptococcal disease (Co-applicant)

MRC/DfID/Wellcome Trust (£4,593,228) (2012-2016) A multi-centre randomized placebo controlled trial of dexamethasone to improve the outcome of cryptococcal meningitis (Co-applicant)


Other relevant expertise, professional memberships etc.

Chair: Health Protection Agency Advisory Committee on Malaria Prevention in Travellers

Member: Steering Committee of the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NATHNAC)

Member: MRC Infection and Immunity Board

Member: MRC Ethics Policy Advisory Committee

Member: MRC Global Health Group

Member: Wellcome Trust/MRC/DfID Clinical Trials PaneI

External Examiner: DTM and H, Royal College of Physicians, London,

Chairman of a number of international Data Monitoring Committees

Recent Publications

Number of items: 120.

Ewing, Victoria L., Terlouw, Anja, Kapinda, Andrew, Pace, Cheryl, Richards, Esther, Tolhurst, Rachel and Lalloo, David (2015) 'Perceptions and utilization of the anti-malarials artemether-lumefantrine and dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine in young children in the Chikhwawa District of Malawi: a mixed methods study'. Malaria Journal, Vol 14, e13.

Heyderman, Robert, Lalloo, David, Carr, Daniel F., Chaponda, Mas, Cornejo Castro, Elena M., Jorgensen, Andrea L., Khoo, Saye, Van Oosterhout, Joep J., Dandara, Collet, Kampira, Elizabeth, Ssali, Francis, Munderi, Paula and Pirmohamed, Munir (2014) 'CYP2B6 c.983T>C polymorphism is associated with nevirapine hypersensitivity in Malawian and Ugandan HIV populations'. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, Vol 69, Issue 12, pp. 3329-3334.

Mandala, Wilson L, Cowan, Frances M, Lalloo, David, Wilkinson, Robert J, Kelly, Paul, Chidzonga, Midion M, Michelo, Charles, Gomo, Exnevia, Bailey, Robin, Simuyemba, Moses, Musonda, Rosemary, Nyirenda, Moffat and Nachega, Jean B (2014) 'Southern Africa Consortium for Research Excellence (SACORE): successes and challenges'. Lancet Global Health, Vol 2, Issue 12, e691-e692.

Parkes-Ratanshi, Rosalind, Katende, David, Levin, Jonathan, Wakeham, Katie, Heiner, Grosskurth, Kamali, Anatoli and Lalloo, David (2014) 'Development of Severe Anemia and Changes in Hemoglobin in a Cohort of HIV-Infected Ugandan Adults Receiving Zidovudine-, Stavudine-, and Tenofovir-Containing Antiretroviral Regimens'. Journal of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care. (In Press)

Gaskell, Katherine M., Rothe, Camilla, Gnanadurai, Roshina, Goodson, Patrick, Jassi, Chikondi, Heyderman, Robert, Allain, Theresa J., Harrison, Thomas S., Lalloo, David, Sloan, Derek and Feasey, Nicholas (2014) 'A Prospective Study of Mortality from Cryptococcal Meningitis following Treatment Induction with 1200mg Oral Fluconazole in Blantyre, Malawi'. PLoS ONE, Vol 9, Issue 11, e110285.


Selected Publications

AjdukiewiczKMB, Cartwright K, Scarborough M, Mwambene J, Goodson P, Molyneux ME, Zijlstra EE, French N, Whitty CJM, Lalloo DG. A double blind, randomised controlled trial of glycerol adjuvant therapy in adult bacterial meningitis in a high HIV seroprevalence setting in Malawi. Lancet Infectious Diseases 2011 (4):293-300

Parkes-Ratanshi R, Wakeham K, Levin J, Namusoke D, Whitworth J, Coutinho A , Kenya Mugisha N, Grosskurth H , Kamali A, Lalloo DG. Primary prophylaxis of cryptococcal disease using fluconazole in HIV positive Ugandan adults - a double blind, randomised, placebo controlled trial. Lancet Infectious Diseases. 2011 Dec;11(12):933-41

De Silva HA, Pathmeswaran A, Jayamanne S, Samarakone SMSB, Hittharage A, Kalupahana R, Ratnathilake A, Uluwatte W, Ranasinha CD, Aronson JK, Armitage J, Lalloo DG, De Silva HJ. Promethazine, hydrocortisone, and low-dose adrenaline (alone and in combination) in the prevention of acute adverse reactions to antivenom following snakebite: a randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled trial. PLOS Medicine. 2011 May; 8(5):e1000435

Wakeham K; Parkes-Ratanshi R; Watson V; Ggayi, A; K Saye; Lalloo DG. Co-administration of fluconazole increases nevirapine concentrations in HIV infected Ugandans. Journal of Antimicrobial therapy 2010 65(2):316-9

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