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FULL-TIME: 1 year - Accepting Applications for programme starting 14 September 2015

Programme Contact: Registry, E:

Director of Studies: Dr Ralf Weigel


Maryke Nielsen – MSc Tropical Paediatrics (2011)

Maryke NielsenAs a native Liverpudlian, I did work experience at LSTM as a fifteen year old and fell in love with tropical medicine whilst reading the dissertations of previous students during my lunch breaks. I became interested in international child health after spending my medical school summer holidays volunteering in Kenya. It was during my elective in the Gambia, that my eyes were opened to the pivotal role of research in achieving long term health improvement both at home and abroad. After this I set my sights on studying for a Masters degree at LSTM. I have learnt so much during my year at LSTM, both from my teachers and fellow students, particularly benefiting from the diverse backgrounds of my colleagues.

Academically I feel I have acquired a solid understanding of research methodology and a confidence to use these new research skills in the future. The course has encouraged me to question the evidence behind decisions I make as a doctor on a daily basis, the policies I previously simply accepted and the best methods to improve clinical care. I have learnt to think about medical practice and health in a much broader context and to think in terms of translational medicine. For me LSTM’s greatest strength is its staff. I have felt privileged to have been taught by so many experienced, inspirational and gifted teachers, who are able to pass on their passion for their subject and always have time to help students.

Programme Outline
The programme addresses both curative and preventive strategies relating to common disorders of children from both a clinical and community perspective. Emphasis is given to the development of research skills applicable to a wide range of child health-related problems in clinical and epidemiological settings. Participants complete a short project, which can include a 2 month period of applied research in an overseas location. An optional period of study in Liverpool may be chosen as an alternative to an overseas project.

Programme Aims
The curriculum has been designed to take account of current national and international priorities and policies in the field of tropical paediatrics. It aims to:

  • Provide doctors with previous experience in paediatrics and child health with research skills relevant to child health-related problems in low income countries
  • Develop participants' knowledge and comprehension of the preventive and curative management strategies that promote child health and well-being in tropical countries
  • Equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to diagnose and treat the common diseases of childhood in tropical countries and low resource settings
  • Develop participants' understanding of the importance of maternal health and its consequences for child health and survival
  • Enable participants to comprehend and conduct child health-related research
  • Produce graduates who are experienced, committed, informed, proactive and effective professionals, capable of taking substantial and leading professional roles
  • Deliver high quality teaching that is informed by current research
  • Develop approaches to study that will enable graduates to continue to learn in the future

Scholarships available - scholarship information sent out after reaching "Conditional Offer" stage in the applications process. For further details on scholarships, please visit the scholarships page - /learning--teaching/applying-to-lstm/scholarships/

In addition to the above partial scholarships, the MSc Tropical Paediatrics offers 1 full scholarship to a student from a developing country.  This scholarship has now been assigned to a student for the 2015/16 entry.

Entrance Requirements

  • Medical degree plus at least one year's experience of professional work in clinical paediatrics after qualification
  • Other candidates who are suitably qualified by higher study or research may be considered
  • Experience of working in a developing country is desirable
  • English language requirements

A full scholarship is available, plus additional funding for a limited number of other students. Scholarship forms sent to students who hold conditional offers.

Career Opportunities
Many alumni of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine hold prominent positions in health ministries, universities, hospitals and international organisations throughout the world. Graduates are competitively placed to begin PhD programmes, seek employment as research assistants, work in developing countries with a wide variety of employers, or return to previous employers with enhanced knowledge and skills with which to advance their existing careers. The programme provides a wide range of skills and training for paediatricians planning academic and clinical careers in the tropics. It is an excellent qualification for doctors who wish to work in the field of child health research in either a clinical or community context as well as with international organisations specialising in child health-related activities.



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